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The Ditch the Diet Podcast - serving up the truth about weight loss

Sep 19, 2019

Rachael speaks to Consultant Dietitian Sophie Medlin to find out the truth behind the recent headlines- specifically:


"Eating red and processed meat can cause cancer"

"Vegan and vegetarian diets ‘link to higher stroke risk"

"Vegan diets ‘risk of insufficient intake’ or nutrient critical for brain health (choline)"

"Plant-based movement causing an epidemic of nutrient deficiencies (B12)"


Listen as Rachael and Sophie discuss:

Do we need to go vegetarian/vegan in order to be healthy and live a life free from disease?

What are the risks associated with removing animal products to our health? Are there any?

Can eating meat really increase the risk of developing cancer in the future?

Are we all going to die early if we choose to eat a burger every now and then?

What should people look out for in headlines/newsfeeds and how do they determine whether what they are reading is really true?

and lots more...


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